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We have helped large corporations, investors and government agencies to engage with SME digital clusters such as east Londonís Tech City.



Digital Innovation

Accelerating Evolutions Steve Price has just completed a two year assignment with the Technology Strategy Board to setup and run the Digital Britain Test Bed (IC tomorrow). This was Steve's second major programme for the Technology Strategy Board.


IC tomorrow was a very successful £10m 2 year initiative to remove barriers to innovation in the digital space. Steve set up and ran the business operation and procured the digital test bed solution and digital licensing framework.


IC tomorrow supports small and micro digital companies by assisting them with licensing content, finding partners, accessing global customers and introducing them to investors. IC tomorrow is a UK wide initiative with an initial focus east Londonís Tech City and the creative industries.

The role involved:

 designing and building the operation,

 procuring and delivering the digital test bed (£6m),

 recruiting appropriate talent directly and through key suppliers,

 liaising with leading Rights Holders in music, publishing, images, tv/film,

 engaging fully with the east London Tech City community,

 running the initial operation.


IC tomorrow enabled the Technology Strategy Board to engage fully with over 400 digital innovators and nearly one hundred major rights holders over a twelve month period.† Over that same time period:

 150 Small and Micro innovators benefited directly in terms of contracts or funding;

 90% of our customers were less than 5 years old and under 10 people in size;

 270 Tech City companies participated;

 700 companies attended our events;

 79% of the 50,000 emails sent to our client base were opened.



The Technology Strategy Boardís

IC tomorrow programme.

An initiative to support small & micro digital entrepreneurs.

Corporate organisations involved with IC tomorrow include:

Bloomsbury Publishing, Universal Music, Culture 24, Wiley, Publishers Association, National Portrait Gallery, BMAG, British Library, Lionsgate UK, BBC Worldwide, Kudos records, Corbis, Design Council, Tate, Beggars, Zodiak Active, Hat Trick Productions, Haymarket media, RNIB,† National Geographic, Warner Music Group, IPC Media, Faber & Faber, Sony Music, Pearson.

For a fuller list visit IC tomorrow here.


Digital Entrepreneurs involved with IC tomorrow include:

Cambridge Personality Research, Eckqo, i3dlife, Moonshine Media, Flexy Web, Mobile Pie, Codasign, Pixelpin, uberlife, Waxwired, SlickFlick, OkMyWay, Foodsplore, Sea Communications, Spacebar interactive, Music2Text, Smile machine, We are float, NewsPoint, Itís a touch thing, Redberry Digital, Addiply, PlayMob, WeEnrich, iPonymous, Metabroadcast, Decibel, Hidden Little Gems, Serious games institute, Playgen, Tools for directing, Arc.

For a full list visit IC tomorrow here.


To find out more about IC tomorrow visit www.ictomorrow.co.uk/biz, to engage with Technology Strategy Board join the _connect platform at www.connect.innovateuk.org